Sighting updates

2018 Sightings

This great close-up of a female Migrant Hawker was taken by Steve Richardson on the 24th September near the Roman Bridges at Hockenhall Platts. Also, sighted by the River Gowy were 4-5 Common Darters and a Ruddy Darter.

Steve Richardson 25.09.18 Migrant Hawker

A great close-up of a Common Darter taken by Alan Redley in his garden on the 2nd September. I love the detail shown on the head area.

Alan Redley 03.09.18 Common Darter

A most unusual angle on this Common Darter taken by Steve Richardson at Shemmy (Abbots) Moss on 22nd August.

Steve Richardson 22.08.2018 Common Darter

Another great photo by Steve Richardson, this time of a Common Darter taken at Hogshead Wood on 21st August. I like the composition of this shot i.e. the background is out of focus and the darter’s leafy perch is also of interest.

Steve Richardson 21.08.2018 Common Darter

You don’t always have to go far to see some incredible dragonflies. Cyril Langman has spotted a fantastic array of species in his garden near Chester this year, including Banded Demoiselle, Broad-bodied Chaser, Common Darter and most recently (6th August) a female Southern Hawker ovipositing (laying eggs), pictured below. If that’s not a reason to have a pond in your garden, I don’t know what is, and they don’t have to huge to get dragonflies in!

CyrilLangman Southern hawker.jpg

On the 13th August Dennis Swaby visited Sandbach Flashes and saw two Brown Hawkers and one male Southern Hawker. Like Steve Richardson the week before, the Southern Hawker posed beautifully for some close up photos, see below.

Southern hawker Dswaby.jpg

On 6th August Paul Brewster spotted a male Ruddy Darter, photographed below, at Newchurch Common, along with his first Migrant Hawker for the year. For those still lstruggling with their darter ID, note the largely unmarked thorax, red frons (face) and all black legs. At least 8 Brown Hawkers were also in attendance on the 6th, a very good number. Ruddy Darter PB 5.08.jpg

Posted 10 August 2018

On 4th August, Steve Richardson spotted this female Southern Hawker on the wing in Eddisbury woods just south of Delamere Forest. On spotting the camera, she decided to pose so Steve whipped out his macro and captured this stunning shot. You can even make out her tiny antennae!

Steve Richardson 05.08.18 Southern Hawker


On 2nd August Sheelagh Halsey visited Old Wood Pool, Goostrey and spotted a Black-tailed Skimmer feasting on a Common blue damselfly. In addition to the Black-tailed Skimmer there wasn’t much else on the wing, other than over 90 Common blues, practically an all you can eat buffet!

SHalsey bkt_skimmer_cbd2.jpg

Posted 30 July 2018

Another rare sighting for Cheshire has been reported by Andy Goodwin and John Rayner. On the 25th July at Big Pond, alongside the Vale Royal Cut, Northwich a colony of Small Red-eyed Damsels was discovered comprising at least 7 individuals including a pair in tandem and another pair ovipositing. Also observed at this site were Red-eyed Damsels, Emperors, Brown Hawkers, Common Darters, Blue-tailed Damsels and Common Blue Damsels.

Photo below of Small Red-eyed Damsels courtesy of Dennis Swaby (2015).

Dennis Swaby 18.08.2015 Small red-eyed Damsels

Posted 29 July 2018

A rare sighting of a Keeled Skimmer in east Cheshire has been reported by Andrew Goodwin on 24 July. His excellent photo of the specimen lurking in the grass is below.

Also seen on the same day were 5 x male Scarce Blue-tailed Damsels and a single male Common Hawker.

Andy Goodwin 24.07.18 Keeled Skimmer

Posted 27 July 2018

Three more super photos of a female Southern Hawker, male Black Darter and Emerald Damsel taken by Steve Richardson in Delamere Forest recently.

Steve Richardson 25.07.18 Southern Hawker

Steve Richardson 27.07.18 Black Darter

Steve Richardson 27.07.18 Emerald Damselfly

Posted 25 July 2018

These are two great close-ups of Black Darters taken by Steve Richardson last week in Delamere Forest.

Steve Richardson 19.07.08 Black Darter

Steve Richardson 19.08.2018 Black Darter

Posted 23 July 2018

This great photo of an Emerald Damselfly was taken by Steve Richardson in Delamere Forest last week. It looks as if the female is ovipositing, starting out of the water and then working her way down the rush stem where she may become completely submerged.

Steve Richardson 19.07.08 Emerald

Posted 23rd July 2018

These two photos illustrate the colour and behavioural differences between mature male and female Banded Demoiselles. Most males are territorial and will seek out a prominent lookout from which they sally forth to scrap with other males or to court the females. Females usually lurk in the vegetation to await the male’s advances.

Images taken beside the Shropshire Union Canal near the Shady Oak pub by John Roberts





A Keeled Skimmer, a real rarity for Cheshire, showed up at Thurstaston Common on 8th July. Spotted by Gill Jakeman who took this brilliant photo, along with 2 Emperors, several Four-spotted Chasers, a male Broad-bodied Chaser, a Brown Hawker and Blue-tailed, Azure and Large Red Damselflies.

Keeled skim.JPG

On 4th July Joy Beresford took the below photo of an old female Emperor Dragonfly at Billing Green Flash near Northwich.

J Beresfors emperor.jpg

Peter Leicester had a great day at Neumann’s Flash, Northwich, among other places on 23rd June. He recorded Hairy Dragonfly, Brown Hawker, Emperor, Four-spotted Chasers, Common and Ruddy Darters, Black-tailed skimmers, plus Common Blue, Azure, Blue-tailed and Large Red Damselflies. The photo below is of the male Ruddy Darter.

PLeicester ruddy.JPG


Several reports have come in of Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies at a pond in East Cheshire. As it is a small, sensitive site the original recorder, Andrew Goodwin is keen to keep numbers of visitors in check. Up to 12 individuals have been seen around two small linked ponds, with copulation and ovipositing observed. Dennis Swaby took the lovely photos below on 11th June.

dswaby scarce bt vert.jpg

dswaby scarce bt.jpg

dswaby scarce bt cop.jpg

In Delamere around the 13th June, Bob Wilkinson saw a Black-tailed Skimmer, Broad-bodied Chaser, male and ovipositing female Emperor and several teneral Black Darters.

broad bodied PLeicester (2).JPG

Rob Dobson managed to get this Emperor to sit still long enough for a photo at Manor Park, Runcorn on 11th June. He spotted a total of 5 Emperor dragonflies, 1 Four-spotted chaser and numerous Red-eyed, Common Blue, Azure, Blue-tailed and Large Red damselflies


Pete Leicester explored his local patch further on the 11th June. Uncovering more Four-spotted Chasers at Anderton Nature Park, along with a Hairy Dragonfly and 5 Black-tailed Skimmers. Neumann’s Flash was dominated by Black-tailed Skimmers, with the adjacent stream covered by Banded Demoiselles.

peteleicester banded demoiselle.jpg

A great day was had by Pete Leicester at Anderton Nature Park on 6th June: Lots of Four-spotted Chasers, 4 Black-tailed Skimmers, a pair of Emporer Dragonflies with the female ovipositing, 2 Hairy Dragonflies, 1 teneral Common Darter and many Common Blue, Azure, Large Red, Blue-tailed and Red-eyed Damselflies.

Richard Knisely-Marpole took this wonderful picture of a female Black-tailed Skimmer at Hatchmere on 3rd June.

Rkinsley Marple, Hatchmere.jpg